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Age Gets Beautiful Boys Too

If you are a lifetime reader of my blog you might remember 15 or so (!!!) years ago I was in love with a beautiful boy named Austin who worked at my local Trader Joes.  I remember trying to sneak pictures of him BEFORE phones had cameras in order to share with you.  I remember the flutter in my heart whenever I saw he was working.  The skip of my pulse when I'd get in his checkout line and he'd flash me that brown-eyed smile.  How I'd fantasize about running my hands over his so smooth-looking tan skin.  How I'd stand there school-girled knowing I probably could've been his mother had I gotten recess-pregnant, abortion-afraid.  How he made my trips to Trader Joes an adventure and a highlight whenever he was there. Sigh.
And then he wasn't there.
And then he was forgotten.
Until today.  When I pushed my cart into the shortest line at Trader Joes.  Until this beautiful boy man greeted me hello with a brown-eyed smile and how I smiled back with my own.  And I knew…