I’m not good at writing anymore.  The words are gone.  I can’t find them.  Or am scared to.  Or don’t want to. (But I want to…)

Words that are gone include, but are not limited to; diaphanous, vermiculated, wart, dusty, bygones, acceptance, camaraderie, enough, Jesus, popover, scumbag, tenuous, desperate, guy, space, art, fan, cat, umbrella, tumultuous, gravitas, honey, stacked, inside, balance, crumbs, death, gravity, basic, tomorrow, eat, heathen, stoic, besides, score, misogynist, echo, cardiogram, bandage, dog food, blister, toast, contain, adventure, shower, and, reckless, carriage, blast, fireplace, laser, disco, manhandle, tremble, scat, goober, winding, plate, underwear, candle, stain, yoga, malt, gray, pole, later, mindful, rewind, ladder, stage, condescend, wither, cluck, so, gym, toenail, waitress, lace, twisting, around, grind, blue, forever, kindness, ethics, hero, leaves, brushing, soaked, agony, guts, envelop, hurtful, deep, surround, earthly, tearful, ending, convenient, panda, saber, doorway, holy, relinquish, bottom, see, height, childhood, mercy, fail, still, among, restaurant, taxi, smooth, tilt, lose, waxy, scarred, scared, believe, urgency, duck, dizzy, searched, cave, bloodied, bandage, iron, vehicle, round, switch, gravy, enmesh, starving, billow, tan, just, picture, letter, lights, debut, skillet, smile, blueprint, curved, courtesy, better, slide, hug, mine, aloe, pick, stabbed, beneath, areola, canal, saxophone, theater, night, scraped, hairy, tits, sheath, armband, black, caress, hold, swath, lathe, underneath, nearing, woods, seaweed, doctor, fiancé, caveat, robust, unearth, beyond, scatter, buck, dove, hillock, swarthy, beer, gentle, son, chart, maker, skip, bleak, mother, internet, casualty, scored, edgy, iron, stealthy, worried, weak, tonnage, carton, deftly, understand, feeling, ridges, dusty, swirl, street, paint, furniture, rent, beachside, fishing, corrupt, pinching, skillet, restless, fatty, casino, remember, dancer, scorecard, best, decorative, garage, ozone, papa, follow, wrenched, spine, Tuesday, labor, divorce, mixed, destroy, combine, eaten, watching, endure, tidy, skipped, myopathy, until, for, among, understood, upon, circus, flail, drown, beast, evil, virgin, cunt, fuck, tits, meat, dick, cock, anus, fuck, cunt, cunt, cunt, fuck.

Sorry about that last part.

I miss all of the words.

please come back.



MikeAdamson said…
Pretty sure I saw endure and anus when I went out for milk this morning. They'll be back.

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