Whale Shark

A Whale Shark is an animal that has a name made up of two very badass animals.  One animal in the name of "Whale Shark" is a whale which is a very large sea animal that swims underwater and breathes the oxygen that is in the water molecules. It looks like a 'behemoth' and if you were swimming underwater and saw one you would shit your wetsuit. However, I think you would have nothing to fear but fear itself because I think it's a 'gentle giant' type of situation. They only eat Krill which is like confetti for fish.  And, personally, i feel/like to think that they have the heart, mind and soul of Lenny from Mice and Men.

The other animal in the name of "whale shark" is shark which is an animal most everyone knows about because of the movie, Jaws.  A shark is an underwater sea animal that swims underwater and also breathes oxygen in water molecules same as the whale does (see above paragraph).  However, unlike the whale, sharks are fucking scary as fuck because of how they like to stalk there pray. They swim around them and tug on parts of there pray (like legs, arms, fins, tails) with their jaggedy teeth until there pray is sufficiently petrified and screaming. Then they chomp the fuck out of there pray and once there is blood in the water...forget about it! More sharks come!  Don't mess with sharks. No way.

So, the Whale Shark pretty much confuses me.  When and if I encounter one, do i run away or not really give a shit?  It's like calling something a Poison Ivy Rose or a Pedophile Priest.  So confusing!

In conclusion, I hope I never come across a Whale Shark because it's a toss up re: my death or amusement/wonder at the magnificence of god's creation.

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