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It's been so long that I've had any 'action' that i forgot how to do all the linky things and image things on my blog. sadness.


night I yelled at a scientist.  I didn't mean to.  She looked like a plain girl.  Just unordinary.  Mousy brown hair, fair enough face but nothing to write on your blog about.  Small frame.  Nice voice.  She was holding a beer and so was I.  When someone told me she was a scientist i asked, "Oh, what do you science?" and she said, "Blood cancers." and i WHOOPS sort of said, straight-faced, "Well, can you work a little faster and harder because in the past month...and even in the past DAYS...a cancer shitstorm has rained down upon many lives around me."  and then i realized maybe since this lady girl woman scientist (she looked 22 years old tbh) didn't really know me that maybe she would be confused and feel like I'm a weirdo (which I clearly am) so I tempered my small 'outburst' with a smile and said, 'sorry, i mean, i just had a 54 year old relative die in their sleep of bone cancer ONE DAY AGO and a friend of mine's wife WHO …