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It's been so long that I've had any 'action' that i forgot how to do all the linky things and image things on my blog. sadness.


night I yelled at a scientist.  I didn't mean to.  She looked like a plain girl.  Just unordinary.  Mousy brown hair, fair enough face but nothing to write on your blog about.  Small frame.  Nice voice.  She was holding a beer and so was I.  When someone told me she was a scientist i asked, "Oh, what do you science?" and she said, "Blood cancers." and i WHOOPS sort of said, straight-faced, "Well, can you work a little faster and harder because in the past month...and even in the past DAYS...a cancer shitstorm has rained down upon many lives around me."  and then i realized maybe since this lady girl woman scientist (she looked 22 years old tbh) didn't really know me that maybe she would be confused and feel like I'm a weirdo (which I clearly am) so I tempered my small 'outburst' with a smile and said, 'sorry, i mean, i just had a 54 year old relative die in their sleep of bone cancer ONE DAY AGO and a friend of mine's wife WHO …
You can't see me but I am in the morning.  This section of the day, that small in-between sliver before the day cracks around me and what I believe could be possible shrinks and pulls back.  I love this part.  It feels like mine.


Kombucha. What is that shit? My 2017 resolution is to not drink any Kombucha. Doing pretty good so far.

I stayed out late on Friday and now I’m sick. Well, to be clear, I ate a Moons Over My Hammy at Denny’s at 2:25 am and then walked about a mile home in ‘almost raining weather’ because when you’re still probably drunk and home seems too close to call an Uber, you decide to walk even though you’re wearing heels. Do you know how fun it is to order a “Moons Over My Hammy” at Denny’s? So fun. The overnight wait staff at Denny’s look like hostages.Anyway, I walked home in the cold without a jacket and eventually I became barefoot on the cold wet pavement. So, my sick could have something to do with that.
Needless to say, I pretty much skipped New Year’s Eve. Was in bed by 11:00.Go me.
I watched a lot of movies this weekend. Binge watched The OA. Wtf with the ending? Still debating what happened. KNEW the movements were choreographed by the Sia guy even before I looked it up.KNEW IT.