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Hi Casey,
I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ve been running and running since I got back from P.S. and I haven’t really stopped. Ow, my legs.  How was your Thanksgiving? I had Steaksgiving.There was lots of meat. Did I tell you this already?I don’t know. I’m old and befuddled. How’s T.F.P. coming? (avoiding releasing any spoilers)I’m feeling good about what I’m doing with M. I have some goals. I feel I am working towards meeting them. Maybe 2017 will be the year I finish my novel. AGAIN. No. It WILL be the year I finish my novel.AND sell it. MOTHERFUCKER.
I’m trying to figure out if all this fat on my stomach is a baby or not. I squeeze it and it seems pretty solidly fat.No room for an infant.Time will tell, I guess.It could be that I’m just waiting around to discover I’m simply overweight.I guess I will ‘do better’ with my body starting soon. New year, new beginnings, and what not.Cliché, but hey.
Well, it’s the end times of a not great year now, isn’t it?Your marriage was a…