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What Is Happening?

The proudest moment I had yesterday was not eating tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant.  OR a margarita.

After much review and reflection, I decided the decor of the Mexican restaurant was "underwater cavern".  It was a Pokestop so I set up a lure and caught a bunch of bullshit Pokemon like Ekans, Rattatta and Pidgeys. Fucking ripoff.

Yesterday was a victory because I spent most of it with a young person who is hard to get a hold of. I savored every minute.  Small victories.

Also, in a huge moment of irony, I took too much MCT oil yesterday and spent literally ALL DAY with poop soup.  What a fucking idiot.

Quick Story

I'm on this no carb diet thing and I'm being really good, drinking tons of water, exercising, meal-prepping, etc.  Part of the eating a better me routine is MCT oil. I put it in my coffee.  I used to do MCT oil a ways back but I ran out and didn't replenish but it made me not so hungry in the mornings so I bought some off Amazon and "started back into it."

Part of the MCT oil thing is–-if your body isn't used to it--it gives you really urgent diarrhea.  You have to start off with small amounts and then slowly increase it so you don't get the shits.

Last weekend I had to go to a wedding.  I had too much MCT oil in the morning and got the urgent shits.  Pretty much it comes out as pure liquid, like you're peeing out your butt.  I was home most of the morning so it was fine but it was a strong reminder to go easier on the MCT oil moving forward.

I got ready for the wedding at around 1.  I took a shower, put on my makeup, did my hair, squeezed into my Spa…