Still Wanting Cake

Last night I ate a piece of ice cream cake using only my hands.  It felt phenomenal and shameful at the same time. 

Afterwards it just felt shameful, sort of like how I usually feel after masturbating to gangbang porn.

My friend Otto texted me tonight and asked how I am.  I tell him I think I’m depressed, and give him the cake story as some sort of proof. 

After I tell him he writes, “You’re fine then.” And I was like, “lol” thinking he’s joking and then he texts, “It’s when you don’t even want the cake….”  

and I was like, "good point"



liberte said…
xtx. i remembered you not your moniker, i had forgot how to find you. remembered tony pierce had tags and links. i wanted breakfast for dinner and i got cake. today is weird.

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