Shout Out to Steph Curry!

I just tried to ‘write’ and it’s not going well.  My coffee is cold as are my feet.  I have ‘high cholesterol’ for the first time in my life which means I’m fat, I think.  My dog is asleep on the grass in the sun.  That’s pretty much his entire life.  There’s an orchid on the coffee table and I keep wondering how long before it wilts and dies.  It’s hard to see the hope in anything.

I keep thinking about a pork belly Banh mi sandwich I had at the mall a week or so ago.  It was pretty delicious.  Pork belly sounds the complete opposite of its deliciousness factor.  Why don’t we eat chicken belly?  Probably chicken bellies are stringy and gross.  I had oxtail tacos last night and they were fucking delicious.  All of these less popular yet amazingly delicious body parts hiding in plain sight.  Do they kill oxen just for the tails or do they make steaks out of the entire beast?  I never see ox belly or ox steaks.  Maybe they just cut off the tails like tusks from elephants.  Maybe there are oxen farms with fields full of tail-less oxen.  I hope so.  I know this thought should probably make me feel sad and bad for the oxen who no longer have tails, but at least they can still run around and eat grass or whatever oxen eat.  They just won’t be able to flick flies off of themselves or express tail-based emotions.  Still, not a bad life for the price of their tail becoming a $7 happy hour oxtail taco that was super delicious. 

(I love you, oxen!)


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