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An old man corpuscle, flat and screaming.  He knows what’s up. What’s going on.  Even his attachments cling tidy, so concerned and loving.  His grandchildren hold hands in a circle around him, chanting, “Change! Change! Change!” not understanding why, not understanding the anger seeping out from the spaces between their tiny little teeths.  They just know it feels good, like how their stuffy feels good when they rub against it after bath time, before mommy comes in for that final goodnight.
The corpuscle who is an old man weeps silently.Guess how tired he is.His bones spill flaccid underneath him creating a crystalline pool that looks like a mirror of tears.The grandchildren have stopped their chanting, tired, hungry for McNuggets or sugared cereal, ready for the beds they fight entry to every night.Corpuscle wants what they want.Corpuscle is tired like how they are but more full of death.He’s forgotten what a mother feels like and it stabs.
I will end this with the children or the old …


My spectacles are filthy but I see everything clear as fuck if fuck were dirty spectacles and if hearts had eyes.

I am on a boat.The boat is on a water.The water is a tepid grey.The water is from the wringing of every mean grandmother’s dish towels. Unwanted, foul water pressed out of something useful.A sea of it for my shitty boat.The boat is on no course.It floats and bobs and weaves.I lie on my back in the boat, seagulls pecking out my eyes because they are my friends.

I am on a train.The train is called Snowpiercer except there is no bug jello on my train and there is no social hierarchy because I am on this train by myself.The math won’t allow a hierarchy.The train is called Snowpiercer because it pierces the snow.The snow is white and cold and freezing, much how snow usually is.Pretty much it is the definition of snow.I’m assuming the train is going fast because that is how trains normally go, but as the only landscape is white snow, I surely cannot tell.There is nothing to judge …