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Movie Review: The Big Short

This genre mash-up left me speechless.Unexpectedly brutal, but also confusing and triumphant, is The Big Short.
Christian Bale plays an over-confident Michael Burry, the sheriff of a small western town in the late 1800’s.As the movie progresses we learn he is an avid fan of Metallica and YouTube “Reunion Videos”.You know, the kind where people are reunited with loved ones or loved things or loved animals.The majority of Bale’s on-screen appearances include one or both of these elements which lends one of the many bizarre facets to this quirky film.
Morgan-Stanley employee, Mark Baum, is played by an overly-intense Steve Carrell, who has recently ambushed a trio of travellers along with his partner, “Buddy” played by David Arquette; the both of them slitting the throats of their victims and rifling through their knapsacks.Hearing a flurry of horses in the distance, they leave their spoils and head for the nearest hills in lieu of getting caught and possibly hanged.This fleeing sets us…

MOVIE REVIEW: The Revenant

It’s a path in Cambodia.It’s jungle, dirt and leaves, jungle, dirt and leaves.We come across Leonardo diCaprio—presumably after a frantic running through said jungle—paused in a clearing, intersected with a singular beam of sunlight that survived the breach of trees whose solemn oath to the jungle floor was to keep it and its kin away from it.The trees’ failure illuminates diCaprio’s bearded face in microscopic detail as the camera pans around it, holding its structure closer than one feels comfortable.Everything pap smear close.
Caprio is paused, searching for something with his ears.Something, we assume, is hidden amongst the trees.We listen too, while searching his desperate green eyes for the moment his ears tell him they found that something.There is no building soundtrack, just Leonardo’s face, the sunbeam and the slow blur of jungle and we spin. Listening.
The movie continues in this spin.We wind with him.Every pore, every whisker,—even the snotted ones—slowly becoming cement …