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Obligatory End of Year Blog Post That's Pretty Weak But Oh Well So Am I

The days after Christmas.Every year I feel bad for the garbage men.I always imagine it’s their most despised time of year.I wonder if it turns them off to the holiday, in general.Driving house to house picking up bin after bin after bin filled with the bones and gristle of Christmas Day.Maybe even despising or being envious of those houses with discarded boxes of expensive brands, gadgets, toys.Maybe things they wanted for their loved ones but couldn’t get.I don’t know.I just feel bad for their extra workload, I guess.Plus, everything’s just a little bit sadder after Christmas, right?

I proudly boast how low-maintenance I am.How I wear out shoes, purses, belts, jeans, underwear until they’re literally falling apart.How I don’t seek out or really want expensive jewelry.Well, expensive ANYTHING.I spend so little money on things for myself you’d think I was on food stamps or something.I chalk it up to ‘hating shopping’ (which I do) and ‘being broke,’ which I’m not (mostly), I just alway…