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And, We're Back!

I haven’t written here for a while.
Hi Blog.
Blogs are “passé” now, right?(looks up “passé” on dictionary dot com. Reads. Feels satisfied)People have Tumblrs and Instagrams and Snapchats, not blogs.Well, I’ve had this blog since 2002 when I was young and pretty and troubled and sad and I am still having this blog now that I’m old and not so pretty and troubled and sad.
This blog is one of my closest friends.
This blog made me a writer.
I love this blog.
Thank you blog.You may be passé but you’ll always be my bloggiest blog to have ever blogged.
Today and every day for the last year I’ve had lots of things on my mind.So many things it’s a wonder I have enough mind for them to all be on.I imagine my mind a child’s crayoned island. One green half-dome with a lone palm tree and scalloped, pointed blue waves curve-spiking out to either end of the paper.On top of that island, catacombs of things, piled and clustered, rising up and beyond the lip of the paper, Tower of Babel style, toward t…