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Dear Mom,
Hi. How are you question mark.I know that $75 check wasn’t enough. My plan is to write you 5 more checks for $100 each every other week.With this method I will pay you back.How are your hips?Have you electrocuted yourself again?You know, the more I think about it, I think it’s bullshit.You’re Life Alert shouldn’t have malfunctioned and stopped your heart.I know you were going to talk to your doctor about it so I guess just let me know what he/she says.I mean, I’m pretty sure your heart had that problem because of when your only sibling died last year but if you REALLY think your Life Alert electrocuted you, well, you go ahead and stick with that story.I love you.Check’s in the mail.
The Artist Is Present.
I want to go to a circular bar that rotates and has a view while it circulates.
Sheldon Lee Compton asked me some questions for Enclave. They are Chaos Questions. It’s all over HERE.
I am not eating sugar. I am eating vodka and vegetables.And meats that start with the lett…