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2014 Three Ways

This year was a ride-along.A sidecar.It was also mine. Alone.
It was both.
There are three things I will remember most about this year.One of them is how it feels to be hooked to a comet.How it feels to ride alongside an ascension.Here, let me tell you:the ride ecstatic, full of thrill and pride.Full of I Knew This All Along and Here It Is.It is the most special with a light shined upon it and relishing how it stuns, this accolade avalanche you had anticipated like an apocalypse.But nothing can prepare you for being backstage, the applause on the wider side of the curtain.Behind the red you see its seams, its patches.There are men sweated with rigging, a wire-split palm silk-soaked in blood against it, the boiling chaos of too many duties, needs.All of it wearing on the performer.It’s that yin-yang symbol, an embrace fit of both.The ride is joy and it is helplessness, but you are glad to take it as you could never be anywhere else.
Another thing I will remember about this year is ho…