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Do you know the heat off me?  I want a rubbing.  There is a clandestine.  It shimmers inside me.  I can fill a vase with it. A cabinet.

This week, a warp.  I don’t know where it went. How it got swallowed.  All I know is that it happened and it was real.  Tangible in the meat of my thighs.  The cripple of my walk.  The new waitings.  A giant bottle of wine losing its full. 

This is how you come down.

This is how you shade things away.  A hand covering eyes.

I am not sure where I am, where I want to be. Nor do you.  It’s a guessing game.  Who put me in the circle?  I am in the circle. Where and why the circle?

Momma, be proud of me? You proud of me momma?  Yer daughter. Here she is.  There she’s going.  Love me momma.  Prouda me momma.

Cordial your daughter in your wings.  She misses you.  Misses unfeeling.  Let her float, momma. Let her free.

Let her know how, the end.



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