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Cool Interview

with Simon Jacobs about Safety Pin Review and he gives me a nice shout out. 

Here is my SPR piece if you want to spend 3 seconds reading something.


Juliet Escoria asked me to be a part of an awesome little project called, "Girls In White Dresses."

So many amazing female writers hanging out alongside me.  So honored.

Today I Am A Summer Field

Today I am a summer field.  Put yourself inside me.  Watch what I do when the wind blows.  Thread through the stems that stream me.  Feel my skin from the sun.  Put your face against mine.  Let them melt-stick together.  Let them become one giant face.  A four-eyed, two-mouthed, mass of wrong.  An outside reflecting my in but at least that means we’re forever together.
In the summer field of me we can entwine; our freak-face head atop our bodies now forced to know one another as their own.  The warm dirt dusting our forms in blessing.

The field spreads wide, singing of childhood.  That’s why it is me.  That’s why I want you there.  You are the hand dropped down for me to hold.  To hold on to.
Oh, to be lifted apart from this field!

When we are together in the summer field, you will be bigger than me.  It’s your duty.  It’s my prayer. For once, a blockade comes for me.  Your mass of stone surrounding me as arms of a protective father might. 
There are those that don’t.  There are fa…