Flash Fiction Chronicles

Bonnie Zobell asked me my thoughts on how to organize a chapbook and I told her my thoughts and they are here along with some other wonderful people's thoughts.


Anonymous said…
One hashtags quips regarding ice-dancing or similarly unimportant occurrences.
Two seeks out adventure and challenge.
One celebrates mediocrity and bathes in the success of average ambition.
Two fights the world and every “no” along the way.
One is happy with friends, dinners with drinks and conversations about people.
Two withdraws deeper into himself without anyone to share contemplation and thought.
One will go places without ever accomplishing anything.
Two will rot more each day achieving more than anyone will know.
One is the future.
Two can look his grandfather in the eye.

I miss you X.

xTx said…
i miss that.
and i miss you too.
i hope you are well.

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