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March 2013 Personal/Confidential Email Exchange with Brian Allen Carr RE: Edie & the Low-Hung Hands.

Is this your email?  Did you leave Facebook?  I cracked Edie last night and was PISSED AT YOU THE ENTIRE TIME!!! Dude, you make lines that KILL ME!!!  I'll read one and i'm all, FUCK YOU BRIAN ALLEN CARR!!! AND WHAT' SUP WITH HOW I HAVE TO SAY ALL THREE OF YOUR NAMES EACH TIME!?!?!?!  i dont enjoy being MANIPULATED you dickweed!!!!
so jealous of your wordskillz!!!
man, you are the real deal.  love it.  the story is fuckin great. not sure where i left off last, what page...but it was right after dude killed dude's buffalo and cooked it.  EVERYTHING IN THIS STORY IS RAD.  i cant wait to get back into it.
so, in closing, i'd like to say, with lots of love and admiration,
Sincerely, me

Ah, baby, this made my morning. I love when people say fuck you to me. 
Yeah, Facebook makes me ashamed of myself in a way that twitter doesn't. I think it's because there are less boob pictures on Twitter.
I'm super stoked you like Edie. I…


I have a small thing in the third issue of Squalorly.
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