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A new zine. 
It is called, "Cloud Rodeo."
I have two little things innit.

Chicago Review

Hello party people!
I have a story in the Chicago Review.  The issue is available now for purchase over HERE.
My story is called, "The Baby" and here is an excerpt:

The second and third times I hold the baby I’m still not afraid.  I try different ways to hold him. I try to see what works best.  Some sort of agreement between us.  A way we can be together in a system that satisfies us both.  I try very hard but he’s always changing his mind.

I sit with him on my thighs when nobody is paying attention.  I want to take off all of his clothes.  I want him naked.  I lean in to him and whisper, “Last summer I fucked the gardener.”  I sit back up and lean down again, “We fucked sixteen times.”  The baby waves his fists around like a crazy man.  I am not sure what that means. 
After a while the baby starts fussing and my husband comes over and asks what I did to him.  I say, “Nothing.”

It's a tale about obsession, I think. The word "baby" is in it 100 times.
A very thoughtful and flattering review of Billie the Bull over at Sundog Lit.

Hearty thanks to Joseph Michael Owens for taking the time to review it.

Electric Literature / The Outlet

a super nice gal interviewed me.