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Nice little review of my little book, "Billie the Bull" over at Busking At the Seams.


made me feel good to read this review. i sort of have a crush on this book.

Poems At Hobart

I have three poems up at Hobart.  Read them HERE

Oh Happy Day!

Never thought I'd have a book that would be born twice, but here I am.

Dzanc Books has re-published my previously published book, "Billie the Bull" and it is available to order and ship NOW! NOW! NOW!

You can buy it here.

You can read reviews of it here and here.

Spread the good word, yo.

Red Bridge Press

Hey, guys and gals.

I have a story in the new Red Bridge Press collection, "Writing That Risks."
If you feel risky, you should buy this!!!

The Sunday Rumpus


The always nice, Richard Thomas, interviewed me about Billie the Bull over at The Rumpus.

Billie is being re-born with Dzanc Books ever so soon.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks for visiting.

Let Me Feel Your Hugs

Sorry. Things are unsettling my life.  My hourglass is tipping. I've been away.  Hopefully, I'll be back.

Some things:

I finally write about my identity crisis over at The Weeklings.

Beach Sloth made me cry.

DZANC BOOKS WILL BE PUBLISHING BILLIE THE BULL!!!  It will be available early July!!!

Today I Am A Caretaker

Today I am a caretaker. I have to be careful now that my son is watching.  You live what you learn, they say, so I’m extra gentle.  I need to make sure he learns how to treat me when I’m old and exploding.
I narrate my motions:
“I’m opening the drapes now so she can see and feel the warm sunlight.  Keep the sheers closed though, because you don’t want her get blinded if she opens her eyes.”
“See how softly I’m speaking?  It lets her know I’m here in a way that feels like a voice hug.  It spreads a calm inside of her.”
“Pull the wheelie-tray table over to the foot of the bed.  Make sure it has everything you need and all of it is unwrapped and sterilized.”
“Now, pull the covers back slowly.  All the way.  One even motion.  Pretend you’re uncovering a pond of sleeping frogs.”
My mother lies sleeping through all of this, or lies quiet and away in whatever bottomless place she’s resting in. 
It’s hard to tell without measuring if her leg is larger than it was yesterday, even so, I know …

The Rumpus

March 2013 Personal/Confidential Email Exchange with Brian Allen Carr RE: Edie & the Low-Hung Hands.

Is this your email?  Did you leave Facebook?  I cracked Edie last night and was PISSED AT YOU THE ENTIRE TIME!!! Dude, you make lines that KILL ME!!!  I'll read one and i'm all, FUCK YOU BRIAN ALLEN CARR!!! AND WHAT' SUP WITH HOW I HAVE TO SAY ALL THREE OF YOUR NAMES EACH TIME!?!?!?!  i dont enjoy being MANIPULATED you dickweed!!!!
so jealous of your wordskillz!!!
man, you are the real deal.  love it.  the story is fuckin great. not sure where i left off last, what page...but it was right after dude killed dude's buffalo and cooked it.  EVERYTHING IN THIS STORY IS RAD.  i cant wait to get back into it.
so, in closing, i'd like to say, with lots of love and admiration,
Sincerely, me

Ah, baby, this made my morning. I love when people say fuck you to me. 
Yeah, Facebook makes me ashamed of myself in a way that twitter doesn't. I think it's because there are less boob pictures on Twitter.
I'm super stoked you like Edie. I…


I have a small thing in the third issue of Squalorly.
Don't miss this interview with Robb Todd and don't miss his writings either.


A new zine. 
It is called, "Cloud Rodeo."
I have two little things innit.

Chicago Review

Hello party people!
I have a story in the Chicago Review.  The issue is available now for purchase over HERE.
My story is called, "The Baby" and here is an excerpt:

The second and third times I hold the baby I’m still not afraid.  I try different ways to hold him. I try to see what works best.  Some sort of agreement between us.  A way we can be together in a system that satisfies us both.  I try very hard but he’s always changing his mind.

I sit with him on my thighs when nobody is paying attention.  I want to take off all of his clothes.  I want him naked.  I lean in to him and whisper, “Last summer I fucked the gardener.”  I sit back up and lean down again, “We fucked sixteen times.”  The baby waves his fists around like a crazy man.  I am not sure what that means. 
After a while the baby starts fussing and my husband comes over and asks what I did to him.  I say, “Nothing.”

It's a tale about obsession, I think. The word "baby" is in it 100 times.
A very thoughtful and flattering review of Billie the Bull over at Sundog Lit.

Hearty thanks to Joseph Michael Owens for taking the time to review it.

Electric Literature / The Outlet

a super nice gal interviewed me.