June 28, 2012


Helen Vitoria writes poems, takes pictures, hates tv and is not a supermodel.

June 26, 2012


First Class Is The New Message In A Bottle

I been getting some 
Skype - type from a 
super model ... 
her name Nicolette 
she gonna quit 
me real

Noon today in her 
swank Milan hotel room  
--  she really does me
a solid: shucks her halter top
for the Kindle 
Fire cam; my God, then 
into the Mike she kinda 
begs me to be 

I tell her: bite
down on the lip; pinch both 
nipples, get closer, kindle
the screen. She beyond 

autumnal, in silk 
garter belt, raked 
nylon Nicolette 
world famous
for banging 

her patella
on a piece of 
creme rebar, 
got up 

as an iron worker 
risque photo shoot 
in Bernardino.

14 months tough 
as nails physical 
rehab, now she 
tells me 
wants to meet
in Tahoe / Reno ...
yeah, I mean 
like that's 

"C'mon pull Michael 
get it up here!" she 

so close 
to the screen.
Our hips, trick 

or treat in the 
ethers a riptide 
of sheets, 
This fling, almost
complete, but 
still getting some 
Skype type from

a model, mostly world 
famous, and laughs 
like my girl after 
we come. 


Dennis Mahagin's writing appears in 3 AM, 42opus, Thieves Jargon, 
Juked, Storyglossia, elimae, PANK, Stirring, and Smokelong Quarterly,
among other publications. A print chapbook of his erotic poetry, entitled 
"Fare" is currently available from Redneck Press, in conjunction with 
the website, Fried Chicken and Coffee. Details can be found here:

June 23, 2012


Michael O'Brien lives in Galway, Ireland. His work has appeared in Blue and Yellow dog, Shamrock, Guerilla Pamphlets, Otoliths, Lyrical Passion, Phantom Kangaroo, In Between Altered States, et.al. He was a runner-up in the Mainichi Daily News Haiku Contest (Japan) in 2009. He can be found here: http://andywasacatholic.tumblr.com/