by Berit Ellingsen

Sustain yourself on the memory of last night’s dinner. Make the
recollection last for as long as possible.

Eat only a cube of bouillon powder per day, until your arms and legs
and cheekbones grow long and thin.

Eat the stuffing of the teddy bear while your little sister watches,
eat the reed basket the bear came in because you are still hungry.

Eat everything.

Lock yourself inside the closet and pee there again.

Remember, there are no bad dead people, only the living are within reproach.

He killed seventy-seven people, on a beach by a lake. Seven years
later the fashion magazines pay him for exclusive interviews and photo

Negotiate money with someone who does not have it for someone who does
not need it. Repeat. Repeat again. Repeat exponentially.

Now the northern mountains are exposed like a child’s first teeth and
the bright marshes are ready to boil.

You are most beautiful when it is dark and raining.

Berit Ellingsen is a Korean-Norwegian writer whose stories have or
will appear in Unstuck, Everyday Genius, SmokeLong, Metazen, decomP
and other literary journals. She was a semi-finalist in the Rose Metal
Press Chapbook Competition in 2011. Her novel, The Empty City, is a
story about silence ( Berit was once
approached by a model agency, but opted for the glamor of science and
writing instead. Find out more at


Berit Ellingsen said…
Thank you so much for including Polaris in your Supermodel Summer, xTx!!!

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