the petrified underground, verse 3
By Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek

would that i were best for you
that the stones here could reflect your iridescent hue
your seeds scattered werent secession rue
and deception by extension wasnt repression in lieu
of misdirections correction enabled to intrude
on the award reception where want is only parade and interview
instead you shun their spotlights
and occupy your own
try to scale unseen heights
while your celebrity is on loan
the self destructive streak you write
is a mile wide sown
so for now
simply live day to day
hand to mouth
waiting for your harvest
to be grown
in the meantime
we will find out
how loud you can moan


Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek is 32 years old and lives in Chicago, IL, USA.
The link below leads to the online serial publication of the novel in verse from which the above is excerpted.


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