freja beha erichsen
by Brittany Wallace

in college, between classes
i would go to the fashion library
a special library, dedicated to fashion
to read the magazines

i never went there to study
i never went there to consult the fashion forecasting materials
that i was told our tuition paid good money for

but it was a state school and my father was a truck driver and i didn't care much for my area of study and i didn't have money for frivolities like magazines i had cigarettes and drugs to buy duh and in retrospect i was the first of my family to graduate college so what did you expect me to do

instead i stared at an advertisement
for tom ford i think
a bird's tiny beak
like a pair of pliers
closing in
on freja beha erichsen's left nipple

a dash of blood across her collarbone
i was very stoned

i wanted to pet the bird's head
and clean the blood from her chest with my mouth

after staring for what seemed like an hour
i forced myself into motion
that my entire life so far was only a docile acid flashback and my friends were all models and they would let me lick them if i wanted to


Alana Noel Voth said…
Love! Gonna post a link on my blog. XO
"something to say"

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