Pasted in the body

Brushstroke we fuck like hairs

We fall away white push

Comes to shove & plush
Shave off surplus weather
Lather skin in leather

Moist hot leather
Must prayer hands stretch hunted skin?
Tanned hide of super models
Model of the universe
A true love-making hole
a la mode

Royal Palms caught on camera
Really a desert & an ocean painted background
Dead dolphins anyway
Screen magic save us
Teach us fuck & darling

Now I am a marsupial.
Daring in piles of birth pouches
The wreckage is regenerative.
There are scattered brain cells
Sure sells generating movies

This film my life is B-Movie.
Fascia is Vaseline
The body skin
Holds together the padded actor
I kickbox to save my life.
I kickbox my wife my way
I kickbox my way into a million dollars.
My way is heralded

My way is the new way
My natural new way is law
Is heralded the primordial
Clam soup
The pearl-tongued clams resemble diamonds

diamonds diamonds
diamonds diamonds diamonds

They are pearls
The pearls come reassembled
The pearls are come.
The come assembles dollars.
I’m coming on camera on a million dollars

My pheromones are Chanel
My moans are Bengal tigers in Chad
Italy space & time collapse on my cock & i come
I come to in my dream of a million dollars
I suck global dreams in my international dollar dreams
I’m living the dream
I dream in your instructions
I dream in this instant
I dream in instinct zoosMmy dream fund is funded by a million million dollars
Of funloving
I, simple, have to come.
I simply funlove the girl i love
I simply rublove the boy i love
In the marsupial glove we hide & make love
We make love in the hide on the TV.

In the TV TV
There are levels of watching
Awash with whatever
Awash with win
Wash of eros & Vaseline
New bodies with winbirth or
Are our stuntdoubles of each other
Of the time of our life we’re having
The time of our life recklessly hours
Wading under the grey Chanel
Clouds of the beach
Over the beach
Refuse in the trash
Heap of eros

Everyone go inside & channel!
It’s yoga time!
& everyone comes inside.
everyone comes.
everyone wants to come in the mirror.
Everyone come & go!
& everyone parades private cunts
Across the night
Stiffy of sand.

-- --- --
Jared Joseph lives in Iowa.  His book, Commuting: Have Gone to Ithaca. -Frank Quitely is available at Varmint Armature Press.  More poems & protos at


"I dream in your instructions."

you are a spark.
JFK said…
fucking fantastic

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