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You ate peanuts through ELEPHANT SUMMER and ate brains through ZOMBIE SUMMER and now you are hungry for more!!!

Therefore, please join me in participating in SUPERMODEL SUMMER!!!  A summer where you CANNOT EAT because you are a very, very, thin SUPERMODEL!!! Or maybe you aren't! Maybe you are a plus-size supermodel because your controlling boyfriend force feeds you cheeseburgers and Hershey's syrup!  Maybe you are a supermodel made of snakes.  Or, maybe you collect supermodels in your basement in little glass cases.  Whatever the case may be,I WANT YOUR STORIES/POEMS/ARTWORK about it!!!

Please email me any and all things supermodel no later thanJune 19th, 2012at  NOTIMETOSAYIT (@) GMAIL (DOT) COM .  I will consider most everything as long as it's not like, horribly racist or attacking or cruel to any specific sort of human being.  Starting on the first day of summer, June 20th, I will begin posting the SUPERMODEL stories/poems/artwork for your reading enjoyment.  

Why do it?